The Truth About Homosexuality

The Truth About Homosexuality

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The dictionary defines Homosexuality as a "condition of or characterized by sexual desire for those of the same sex as oneself." There is no doubt that this condition has existed since man began to multiply and replenish the earth in accordance with Genesis 1:28. Consequently, there are many people today who subscribe to belief that homosexuality is actually a state of birth rather than a state of mind.

In His care and concern for mankind, God has given us guidelines to follow that are essential to success in every area of living. These guidelines are outlined in the Bible--the Word of God. When you look closely at most of our present conditions in society, you see that they are really variations on old themes. This includes the homosexual lifestyle.

Let's see what the Bible has to say about this controversial topic, and determine from it how homosexuality measures up in terms of its being normal and acceptable in God's eyes. (Mini Book)

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