The Holy Spirit The Helper We All Need

The Holy Spirit The Helper We All Need

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Even with all the Bible knowledge that is prevalent in the world today, there is still a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation concerning the Third Person of the Holy Trinity – The Blessed Holy Spirit.  “Is the Holy Spirit a What? or a Who?  And how can I get this Power Force to work in my life to put me over?”  These questions and many more on the Holy Spirit are addresses in Apostle Price’s book, “The Holy Spirit: The Helper We All Need.”

Says Dr. Price about the Holy Spirit, “The simplest thing for us to do is let the Bible paint us a picture of the Holy Spirit, and go by what the Word of God says and nothing else.”

In this extensive study on the Holy Spirit, Apostle Price covers the full-spectrum of the power, work and influence of the Holy Spirit and how Christians can put this mighty Helper to work in their lives to be victors and not victims in life.

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