Beware! The Lies of Satan

Beware! The Lies of Satan

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Satan, the father of all lies, has duped many to believe that Jesus is behind all the atrocities of this world. For too long, Satan has attributed his deeds to our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. For too long, Christians have swallowed the lie hook, line and sinker. As a result, they have not lived the abundant life God has provided through Jesus.

Instead, many Christians have been groping in the dark and struggling when they don't have to. It's high time we pull the covers off the enemy and expose him for who he really is--the murderer, destroyer, thief, deceiver and biggest liar of all time.

In this book, Beware! The Lies of Satan, you will begin to discover the truth about our heavenly Father and how you can stand in victory over the devil.

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