Homosexuality - State of Birth or State of Mind?

Homosexuality - State of Birth or State of Mind?

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Every day, we read about people wanting their rights, fighting for their rights marching for their rights, dying for their rights.

Among the group of fighters, marchers, and martyrs, are those often fighting for their right to do their own thing no matter who it hurts; the right to do what feels good; the right to be wrong, when it is just as easy to be right. The issues they represent run the gamut from abortionists, to those who want to smoke in public places, to those who want to live openly homosexual lifestyles.

Homosexuality is a subject grabbing the headlines in a dramatic way. But even many in the Christian community are either ignorant on the matter or reluctant to say what the Word of God says on the subject.

This book, authored by Frederick K.C. Price, DD., dares to take the bold step that so many refuse to take, calling the homosexuality lifestyle just what the Bible calls it.

We can look to God’s Word the Bible, with confidence for the answers and solutions to the complexities that face us every day, including the answer to the age-old question, “Is homosexuality a state of birth, or a state of mind?” – Frederick K.C. Price, D.D.

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