Prayer and How to Do It

Prayer and How to Do It

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Most people have not been taught how to pray correctly.  They believe they can say anything in any way and it will function as prayer.  This is not so.  There is a real lack of understanding of how prayer operates, and because of this God continues to be accused of things He had nothing to do with.

Learn what the Bible has to say about praying and get all your prayers answered!

  • Does God answer your prayer just because you are sincere or have a need?
  • Can God do whatever He wants to?
  • Why does God need man’s permission to operate in this earth-realm?
  • There are different kinds of prayer for different kinds of circumstances, and each kind of prayer has its own spiritual rules that govern it.
  • Learn about the Prayer of Agreement; Faith; Intercession; Burden; Praise & Worship; and Dedication

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