You are a World Overcomer

You are a World Overcomer

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As children of God, we are to overcome (I John 5:4).  God doesn’t operate in defeat.  He operates in winning.  God is a faith God and calls those things that be not as though they were (Romans 4:17).  He knew that we were not all over-comers when He made this statement, because it takes our faith to make it come to pass.

Our faith controls or releases God’s power into our lives.  Those who are born of God, overcome the world system.

Many believe that Jesus is Lord, but they are overcome by the world’s system in their daily lives.  Believers need to act on what they believe to overcome the world’s system.  Faith and belief are two sides of the same coin, but belief alone is not enough without acting in faith.  If believers don’t act on God’s Word, He cannot get involved in their circumstances.

Believers need to cast their care on Our Heavenly Father so that their works will be carefree actions with no pressure.  That is the only way they will know, by faith, that they’ve turned their cares over to Our Heavenly Father.  God cannot confirm His Word as long as we hold onto our cares.

Acting on the Word and being doers of the Word, is how believers act on their faith.

  • The system cannot dominate, or control your actions if you are walking in God’s Word.
  • Your circumstances will not change unless your attitude changes according to the Word of God.

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