Consequences of an Immoral Lifestyle

Consequences of an Immoral Lifestyle

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In this straightforward teaching by Dr. Price, the listener will come to understand the enormity of how the actions of one person can hinder the progress of the whole group.  Our life-style must always mirror the life of Jesus, as He was the One who brought us back to God with His precious blood and life.

Dr. Price gives biblical cases that illustrate how one person’s disobedience caused retribution on entire nations.  Adam, Achan and Jonah are a few examples used to illustrate the importance of one man’s decision to knowingly go against the will of God. 

All sin is wrong and detrimental.  However, it appears from scripture that God holds sexual sin to a higher degree of evil.  In fact, sexual perversion is so harmful that God speaks against adultery and fornication a total of 62 times in the New Testament.  Do you think God is trying to warn us of serious consequences of immoral behavior?

Do not be deceived sin has a payday and your sin will be found out!  Get the truth about sex and enjoy your sex life with your spouse, as God intended from the creation of man. 

*Contains mature subject matter. Parental discretion advised. (Discs 1 - 4)
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