The Book of Colossians Pt. 3

The Book of Colossians Pt. 3

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The Apostle Paul says in this book that the only way to rise above the chaos in our world and too fully realize our potential as individuals is through Christ, “who is the head over every power and authority.”

In Part 3 of this three-part series, Dr. Price concludes this teaching with practical suggestions for daily living. 

The source of fulfilling Christian experience is in heaven.  We are to fix our attention on “the things above.”

By “putting to death” our fleshly nature, we are free to conduct our lives without sinful responses to immorality, greed, anger, slander and other self-indulgences.

We are to diligently live out every form of righteousness through love, compassion, forgiveness and patience with others.

The hallmark of the Christian life is prayer and thanksgiving to God.

The Word of God should govern all that we speak and do, so as to present a life of circumspect behavior and diligent service to the non-Christians.

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