The Book of Ephesians Pt. 2

The Book of Ephesians Pt. 2

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Against the background of religious institutionalism comes a bold new Pauline revelation: A church cannot be expressed through buildings, but people, who are God’s temples.

In Part 2 of this four-part series, Dr. Price brings to light the mystery of this revelation and scope of spirit-filled living.

This new revelation is a stunning expression of the “manifold wisdom of God.”  God’s plan is more complex than was revealed in Old Testament times.

As we are rooted and grounded in love for on another, we will grasp the extent of Jesus’ love.  That is why we must be strengthened in the inner man.

Everyone is not automatically a child of God.  Every man, woman, boy and girl is being called by God through the gospel to become a son of God.

Traditionally, people have misconstrued the expressions “baptism of the Holy Spirit” and “baptism with the Holy Spirit.”  There is a difference.

Jesus has placed ministry gifts in the Body of Christ to equip the Believer for Christian service.

Each Believer is accountable to live in contrast to the unbeliever by practicing honesty and truthfulness in all relationships.

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