The Book of 1 Timothy Pt. 1

The Book of 1 Timothy Pt. 1

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The author of this pastoral is the Apostle Paul.  The central thoughts concern church order, soundness of faith, and church discipline.  For all who sense a calling to serve God, this letter is rich with guidence.  Emphasis is placed on the lifestyle of church leaders as they live out the truths that Believers are taught.  In part 1 of this three-part series, Dr. Price provides principles to be applied.

Pastors must first be proven sound before they can point out error of others who teach unsound doctrine.  They are instructed on how to carry out an effective, corrective ministry.

Some have asked, "How do I know if the Lord has placed me in the ministry?"  The answer: if you have to ask, then He didn't place you in it.  When God calls, He makes the calling absolutely clear.

One's success or failure in managing the home and family relationship indicates the ability or inability to handle successfully the administration of the church.

The qualifications and duties of bishops, deacons, and elders should also be applied to any other leadership position in the church.

Ministers must stay in constant fellowship with God through prayer and study of the Scriptures, nourishing themselves with sound doctrine so they won't be led astray.

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