The Book of 1 Timothy Pt. 3

The Book of 1 Timothy Pt. 3

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In concluding this pastoral epistle, the Apostle Paul charges church leaders to pursue godliness, truth, patience, and love.  They are encouraged to have a “good confession” as an open demonstration of Christ in their lives.  In Part 3 of this three-part series, Dr. Price imparts guidelines for practical ministry.

Patience must be developed in the faith walk, because things don’t work instantaneously.  Things must first come from God – a spiritual source – before they can be manifested in the physical.

Many will be falsely accused.  Hence, leaders must keep to the Word of God in such a way that no one can bring a legitimate accusation against them.

Ministry leaders have not only the responsibility for the oversight of the flock, but must urge wealthy congregants to be good stewards and give liberally to God’s word.

Christians are to be instructed not to be conceited, nor put their faith in material wealth, which is characterized by a degree of uncertainty and insecurity.

Lastly, ministry leaders are charged to carefully guard the gospel, which is like a treasure committed to their trust.  They are to reject all opposing thoughts that deny the faith.

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