The Book of Romans Pt. 2

The Book of Romans Pt. 2

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The Apostle Paul makes a clear and commanding statement about God’s way of salvation and the role of faith.  Righteousness, which mankind desperately needs, cannot be found through the Law of Moses, but is available to the Jew and Gentile alike through faith in Jesus Christ.  In Part 2 of this eight-part series, Dr. Price brings to light God’s plan of justification. 

  • To be justified or justification means to be declared righteous through Christ Jesus.  No flesh can be justified in God’s sight through the Law. 

  • If the law is not God’s method to make men righteous, then what is its purpose? 

  • God has freely justified the Believer by His grace.  However, many Christians believe they must earn their righteousness by works. 

  • Dr. Price explains the difference between the terms “remission” and “forgiveness of sin.” 

  • Dr. Price shows that even in the Old Testament the faith principle has always operated the same way.  Abraham’s faith was accounted to him for righteousness. 

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