The Book of Romans Pt. 4

The Book of Romans Pt. 4

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How can Christians be released from the Law?  The Apostle Paul uses marriage as an illustration.  Under the law of marriage, a couple becomes one, bound together until one of them dies.  But the death of one partner frees the survivor from the law of marriage and allows them to remarry.  Those who are in union with Christ have died with Him.  Thus, the Law of Moses has no authority over them.  In Part 4 of this eight-part series, Dr Price explains the difference between the Law and grace. 

  • Why must Christians be released from the Law?  Learn the reason God gave the Law in the first place. 

  • Is there something wrong with the Law?  Absolutely not!  The Law shows that its useful purpose is to reveal man’s sin. 

  • What the Law of Moses or any legal principal could not complete, God accomplished through the incarnation of His Son, Jesus Christ. 
  • Dr. Price provides an in-depth discussion of Roman’s 8:1-11, pertaining to the relationship between the flesh, the recreated spirit, and the operation of the Holy Spirit.

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