The Book of 1 John Pt. 3

The Book of 1 John Pt. 3

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The Apostle John revisits his favorite theme; love, which is the keynote of this epistle.  He builds on the fact that God is love.  It follows that loving is key to intimate relationship with the Lord.  Those who are born of God and know him, find his love replicated in their love for one another.  In Part 3 of this four-part series, Dr. Price traces love to its source – God.

  • As a Christian, do you know who you really are in this world?  Once you know who Christ is then you will know who you are.

  • It is the God kind of love, mixed with faith, which should motivate Believers as children of God to love on another. 
  • Fully developed love casts out fear, resulting in the assurance that you will be unashamed in the Day of Judgment because God’s love has removed your guilt.
  • It is inconsistent to say that you love God but hate your brother.  Perfect love casts out all fear and sweeps away hate.
  • Faith in Christ introduces Believers to the fellowship of love.  Everyone who loves the parent – God the Father loves the child – the Believer. 
  • Observing God’s commandments is not burdensome since Believers love God show their love for Him by obedience. 


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