Faiths Greatest Enemies (31-CD Series)

Faiths Greatest Enemies (31-CD Series)

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Disc 1-5: Many Christians are confused about the battle. They are unaware that Satan is their enemy and his tactic is to separate them from their faith.

Disc 6-10: A lack of knowledge of the Word of God is one of the Believer’s greatest enemies.  In any fight one must recognize his enemy in order to successfully win a battle. In the Believer’s case, Satan is the enemy who desires to swindle them out of their rights and privileges in Christ Jesus. 

Disc 11-14: Many Christians fall short of the blessings of God because they fail to act as if God’s Word is true. Worry, anxiety, distractions or burdens are all actions contrary to what they say they believe.  

Disc 15-18: To act as if God’s Word is true does not mean that one should pretend, but it means to take action by thoughts, words and deeds. Believers must be living in concert with God’s Word to gain victory in every area of life. 

Disc 19-25: Believers must be living in concert with God’s Word to gain victory in every area of life.  Christians must become acquainted with revelation knowledge that comes by inspiration on the Holy Spirit, as well as the knowledge that comes through their senses. Information that comes only through the physical senses will defeat the Believer.  It is not until one is guided by revelation knowledge that the Christian’s walk will become successful. 

Disc 26-31: The Believer must learn how to be patient in order to walk by faith. Consequently, the only way to learn patience is by waiting, and by letting time pass. One cannot fast or pray for patience. James 1:2 says, “count it all joy when you fall into various trials.”  Patience is not a submissive acceptance to adverse circumstances, but a positive steadfastness.

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