Why Should Christians Suffer?  DVD Series

Why Should Christians Suffer? DVD Series

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We have an enemy, Satan, who comes to kill, steal and destroy.  Jesus came that we might have life and life more abundantly.  God has provided the way of escape through Jesus Christ.  God does not “teach us” through difficulties.  Temptations, trials and tests come from the devil.  God’s Word tells us to deal with the devil by casting him out, and resisting him, not giving the devil a place.

Our Heavenly Father, who gives only good and perfect gifts, would never afflict us to build our character.  Jesus told the disciples that even sinful human fathers know better than to give a child poison when he or she asks for food.  God loves us far more than that, and does not afflict His children.

  • Is something is not the will of God, why doesn’t He just automatically stop it?
  • Is experience the best teacher?
  • Does God want Christians to die for Him?
  • Does scripture teach that God knows the exact moment when each person is to die?
  • Is Paul’s thorn in the flesh sickness and disease?
  • Where is a Christian’s home?
  • How do we give the devil permission to operate in our lives?
  • Why does God allow us to feel pain?
  • If it is God’s will for us to suffer, why did Jesus go about healing the sick and lame?

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