The Book of ACTS Pt. 2B

The Book of ACTS Pt. 2B

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The Book of ACTS

Part 2B: Acts 5:12-8:30

(Discs 19-24)  

The Word of God increased rapidly after the crucifixion of Jesus, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith (Acts 6:7).  Along wit the spread of the gospel, came strong persecution, which was evidenced by the stoning of Stephen.  Stephen’s witness was so powerful that his opponents seized him and brought him before the Jewish court.  In his defense, Stephen recited the history of Israel ’s tempestuous relationship with God.   

In Part 2B of this twelve-part series, Dr. Price underscores the persecution that Believers experience when they are effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.  

One of the chief persecutors of the Church was a man we have come to know as the Apostle Paul.  

His accusers stoned Stephen to death.  However, Christians should think of dying as falling asleep (Acts 7:60).   

The persecution of the early Church drove the Christians out of Jerusalem , and the gospel was spread beyond the city. 

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