The Book of ACTS Pt. 3A

The Book of ACTS Pt. 3A

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The Book of ACTS

Part 3A: Acts 8:26-10:14

(Discs 25-29) 

Evangelism was first introduced in Acts 8:5-6.  Though Philip was not an apostle, the Holy Spirit worked through him to perform signs and wonders.  Philip was led by the Holy Spirit to witness to an Ethiopian eunuch.  He interpreted the passage the eunuch was reading in Isaiah 53 and led him to Jesus.  Miraculously, the Spirit of God transported Philip to another place immediately afterward (Acts 8:39-40). 

In Part 3A of this twelve-part series, Dr. Price explains how ministry gifts operate by the Holy Spirit.   

Both Philip and Paul had unique manifestations of the presence of the Lord.  

Saul of Tarsus, later called the Apostle Paul, was the chief persecutor of the Church.  

Paul became God’s chosen instrument to carry the name of Jesus to the Gentiles.  

As the message of Jesus Christ increased, so did the persecution of the Church. 

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