The Book of ACTS Pt. 5A

The Book of ACTS Pt. 5A

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The Book of ACTS

Part 5A: Acts 14:1-16:19

(Discs 44-49) 

The Apostle Paul was stoned and left for dead outside the city Lystra.  Some scholars believe that Paul died as a result, (Acts 14:19, 20) but was raised from the dead.  The next day he departed the city with Barnabas to Derbe. 

In Part 5A of this twelve-part series, Dr. Price discusses the facets of physical death.   

Dr. Price contradicts the idea of “soul sleep” as a part of death.   

Dr. Price explains how at death there is a separation of the spirit and soul from the body.  

The will never be an end to life in terms of conscious existence.

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