The Book of 2 Timothy Pt. 2

The Book of 2 Timothy Pt. 2

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The Apostle Paul concludes his second pastoral epistle with a message marking the passage of ministry leadership form one generation the next.  Ministers are to imitate the soldier’s hardship, the athlete’s strict training, and the farmer’s patience.  They should be committed to safeguarding the gospel and be willing to pass it on to faithful followers.  In Part 2 of this two-part series, Dr. Price imparts principles for a successful calling. 

Ministers ought to be partakers of the fruit that emanates from the re-created spirit before they attempt to nourish the lives of others.

Minsters are warned that quarreling over such terms as, "slain in the Spirit" and "fell under the power" are unproductive and almost never helpful to the Believer.  Rather, minister are to sway Believers to godly behavior.

"Rightly dividing "the word of truth is likened to a road, which must be built straight.  It means to discern its truth by capturing the spirit of the Word.

In these last days, many have adapted a form of relion, but their values and lives deny the power of godliness.  However, the Believer's life is to stand in sharp contrast to secular society.

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