Race, Religion and Racism - RACISM (CD)

Race, Religion and Racism - RACISM (CD)

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Disc 1: This disc defines racism as an economic and power competition between groups of people.

Disc 2: Is one race inferior to another? Dr. Price cites historical documentation and points out the importance of one’s culture history.

Disc 3: Dr. Price uses two documents to chronicle the brainwashing of slaves and by extension, Black Americans today.

Disc 4: Reports introduced on this disc will shock many. It contains information from journals, magazines and other publications embracing the notion that Blacks are inferior.

Disc 5: Dr. Price explains the importance of reparations, to equalize the status of ethnic groups. Also, this disc contains a confession by four religious denominations to the sin of racism.

Disc 6: Dr. Price continues to uncover the reality of racism as it exists in the Church and society in general. Dr. Price states, “We’ve got to find those roots [of racism] so we can dig them up and destroy them, or else the plant will grow again.”

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