Race, Religion and Racism - Religion Pt. 4

Race, Religion and Racism - Religion Pt. 4

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Disc 1: Was Jesus white or was He a composite man made up of the entire human race? Dr. Price traces the genealogy of Jesus and the significance of women in His lineage.

Disc 2: Could Bathsheba, the wife of King David, have been a black woman? Dr. Price thinks so. He also points out why Joseph was not Jesus’ natural father.

Disc 3: Dr. Price traces the genealogy of Solomon, the son of David and Bathsheba. He examines the Song of Solomon chapter and its intrinsic meaning.

Disc 4: Dr. Price shares letters from Whites who have been inspired by the series to overcome racial stereotypes and prejudices, as well as educating them on the history of African-Americans. Dr. Price defines the genetic makeup that Jesus Christ received from Mary.

Disc 5: Dr. Price uses Scripture to verify the presence of Black in the Bible. He tracks the lineage of Abraham’s wife, Keturah, a Cushite.

Disc 6: Dr. Price discusses Manasseh and Ephraim, who were leaders of Jewish tribes. These were sons from a mixed marriage – Joseph, the son of Jacob, a Shemite and Asenath, the daughter of Potipherah, an Egyptian. Dr. Price also traces Joshua to the ancestry of Joseph and Asenath.

Disc 7: Dr. Price discusses several black people of the Bible such as Zephaniah, an Ethiopian. His is the thirty-sixth book of the Bible. He recognizes Ebed-Melech, who rescued Jeremiah the Prophet; Simon, one of the twelve disciples; and Simon the Cyrenian, bearer of Jesus’ cross.

Disc 8: Could the Apostle Paul of the New Testament have been a black man? Why was Paul recognized as an Egyptian in Acts 21:38, Dr. Price asks?

Disc 9: Dr. Price cites numerous contributions Blacks have made. Such contributors include Benjamin Bannaker, mathematician and astronomer; Granville T. Woods, railroad system inventor; and Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, first successful heart surgeon.

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