Prosperity Good News for God’s People

Prosperity Good News for God’s People

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God wants His children to prosper, but what must our godly approach be to obtaining wealth and prosperity?  How should we, as Christians, view prosperity and, above all, use it once we get it?  More than ever, the body of Christ needs to prosper to spread the gospel.  God knew this from the beginning.  He knew that Christians would need prosperity in this age to compete in the world’s system.

Like others, Christians need money to survive because we all live in a world where costs keep rising.  Apostle Frederick K.C. Price has good news for you concerning wealth and your access to it.  He takes readers on a myth-destroying journey of discovery in His plan to prosper His children so that they may walk daily in the abundance and wealth.

Not only is this book a beautiful keepsake, but the message is profoundly worth more than the price.

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