The Book of Romans Series

The Book of Romans Series

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The Book of Romans Series

Part 1

The subject of this epistle is clearly stated in the Apostle Paul’s introduction:  “The just shall live by faith.”  From this the Christian will gain a clear impression of the new life, which God gives us in Christ: A life filled by the gift of righteousness

Part 2

The Apostle Paul makes a clear and commanding statement about God’s way of salvation and the role of faith.  Righteousness, which mankind desperately needs, cannot be found through the Law of Moses, but is available to the Jew and Gentile alike through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Part 3

To justify is to declare righteous as a judicial act.  God does more than this for the Believer.  He declares them righteous and reconciles them to Him.  By accepting Jesus, Christians awaken a sense of confidence.  Thus there is peace where fear one ruled, hope even in difficult circumstances, and a growing awareness of God’s love. 

Part 4

How can Christians be released from the Law?  The Apostle Paul uses marriage as an illustration.  Under the law of marriage, a couple becomes one, bound together until one of them dies.  But the death of one partner frees the survivor from the law of marriage and allows them to remarry.  Those who are in union with Christ have died with Him.  Thus, the Law of Moses has no authority over them. 

Part 5

A great promise belongs to the Christian – they are beyond condemnation.  Christ died for the Believer, and is raised!  Therefore, nothing will ever separate them from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  The basis of this assurance is God’s awe-inspiring purpose toward His people.  He foreknew and predestinated them to be Christ-like.  Part 6

The Apostle Paul referred to history in order to demonstrate that righteousness comes by faith (Romans 4).  He looked back and put the Law of Moses in clear perspective (Romans 3, 7).  How does Paul’s view of righteousness square with what appears to be the spurning of the people to whom God gave solemn covenant promises?  What has happened, and what will happen to Israel? 

Part 7

The Apostle Paul makes an appeal for commitment, marked by humility and faithfulness.  The Christian is to present his body to God as his reasonable service.  He is not to conform to or fit the mold of the world, but to have a transformed mind so as to know and prove the will of God.  Believers are to exercise spiritual gifts in service, remembering that these gifts are from the Lord.  Paul’s Conclusive exhortation is to live in harmony with one another and let love be the guiding principle. 

Part 8

God has ordained governing authorities whose function is clearly limited:  Christians are to subject themselves to these authorities, to avoid punishment and to have a clear conscience before God.  As Christians fulfill every social duty and observe the commandment to love one another, they fulfill the law

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