The Book of 1 Corinthians Pt. 5

The Book of 1 Corinthians Pt. 5

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Liberty has its limits for the born-again Believer and does not include flirting with idolatry or self-indulgences.  For example, the children of Israel enjoyed many redemptive privileges, but most did not please God.  They turned to idolatry and immorality, resulting in sin and, ultimately destruction.  The same lessons apply today.  Israel's experiences provide a warning for Christians.  It is incumbent upon the Believer to examine Israel's errors and learn from their mistakes.

In Part 5 of this sixteen-part series, Dr. Price draws lessons from Old Testament passages.

The best lessons come from God's Word.  Experience teaches, but is not the best teacher.  When one learns from experience it ends to be a hard lesson.

Believers need not despair when facing temptations, tests, and trials; God will not allow them to be tempted in excess of their ability to overcome (v. 10:13).

Satan entices for the purpose of destruction; God permits testing for the purpose of strengthening one's faith and character.

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