The Book of 1 Corinthians Pt. 8

The Book of 1 Corinthians Pt. 8

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In the first century, it was generally accepted that trances and bizarre behavior indicated a special closeness to the gods.  In view of this cultural belief it is not surprising that the Corinthians viewed those who spoke in tongues as especially spiritual.  This assumption led to problems prompting the Apostle Paul to instruct the church about true spirituality.  In the process, Paul placed all spiritual gifts in their proper perspective.  He equated these gifts to supernatural ability bestowed upon an individual by the Holy Spirit and not to personal ability.

In Part 8 of this sixteen-part series, Dr. Price discusses the operation of the Holt Spirit and How spiritual gifts are administered through individuals.

The three classifications of the gifts are:

Revelation gifts: Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, and Discerning of Spirits

Power gifts: Special Faith, Working of Miracles, and Gifts of Healings

Vocal gifts: Prophecy, Divers Kinds of Tongues, and interpretation of Tongues

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