Race, Religion and Racism - Introduction to RRR (DVD)

Race, Religion and Racism - Introduction to RRR (DVD)

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INTRODUCTION (Race, Religion and Racism)

Is there racism in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ? If not, why are Sunday mornings the most segregated time in America? The classic teaching by Dr. Frederick K.C. Price exposes the underpinnings of racism in the Church. It’s time to fix it, Dr. Price demands, and he is leading the way.

Disc 1a: There is a difference between racism and racial prejudice. Where did it all begin?

Disc 1b: God shows no partially. We are one nation, made from one blood.

Disc 2a: A recorded statement against interracial marriage is symptomatic of the broader issue.

Disc 2b: Racial statements made from the pulpit: The audience reacts.

Disc 3a: What do the Scriptures have to say about avoiding those who cause division and offense?

Disc 3b: The acid test – Can my black son marry your white daughter?

Disc 4: Claims of any race’s superiority or inferiority are not Biblically based.

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