Race, Religion and Racism - RACE (DVD)

Race, Religion and Racism - RACE (DVD)

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RACE (Race, Religion and Racism)

Is there racism in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ? If not, why are Sunday mornings the most segregated time in America? The classic teaching by Dr. Frederick K.C. Price exposes the underpinnings of racism in the Church. It’s time to fix it, Dr. Price demands, and he is leading the way.

Disc 1a: The disc explores both the scientific and Biblical views of the origin of man.

Disc 1b: This disc continues the exploration of the origin of man. Dr. Price asks, “Why should color make a difference?”

Disc 2a: Dr. Price analyzes the genealogy of Noah and illustrates how the nations of people were derived.

Disc 2b: This disc describes the geographic location of Eden and discusses the likely physical characteristics of Adam and Eve.

Disc 3a: Dr. Price cites references that refute the assumption that physical features or any combination of traits can distinguish a race.

Disc 3b: Dr. Price explains his position that humans are various shades of one color due to the amount of melanin in their skin. He illustrates the influences of genetic coding.

Disc 4: This disc profiles the stigma of social injustice, exploitation and attitudinal behaviors imposed by skin color.

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