The Making of an Apostle (TV Special)

The Making of an Apostle (TV Special)

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The Making of an APOSTLE  


“The Making of an Apostle” highlights Dr. Frederick K.C. Price’s storied spiritual journey – from childhood to becoming the Apostle of Faith, one of the most influential positions in the Christian church.


Although the Bible reference Apostles, never before in the history of the nondenominational Christian Church has been such a hallowed ceremony to affirm someone as an Apostle.


The two part historical series is in line with the inspirational productions featured on”Ever increasing Faith Television.”   Part one will inspire and empower you as you learn about the trials and treasured revelations that lead Dr. Price to the esteemed appointment of an Apostle.


Part two will strengthen your faith in God and His ministry as you learn about the deep traditions and symbolic meaning of the Cross, the Crozier, even the Apostle’s Robe (called a Cassock) and the oaths that Dr. Price takes before thousands during the actual ceremony.


“The Making of an Apostle” is an inspirational series that you will do more then watch: You’ll experience it.

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