The Faithfulness of God

The Faithfulness of God

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The validity of faith does not rest on the sincerity of the believer but on the reliability of what is believed.  Truths revealed by God’s Word cannot be seen, but believers can still be confident about them.  It is the nature of our faith to take God’s Word for what we cannot see, just as Sarah looked away from her physical inability to conceive a child and judge God faithful to keep His Word (Hebrew 11:11). 

Over and over again, those who have trusted God have demonstrated as such by their lives and the validity of their faith.  In this teaching, Dr. Price cites individuals in the hall of fame who have maintained their faith that God would be faithful in His promises.


Dr. Price explains how Sarah went from unbelief – when she laughed at the promise of God – to that place of being fully persuaded.


Dr. Price introduces three laws that govern how believers should evaluate the things that are revealed in the Word of God.

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