SHUT UP! The Chastening of the LORD

SHUT UP! The Chastening of the LORD

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SHUT UP! The Chastening of the LORD

Pastor Fred Price Jr’s sermon, “Shut Up,” is a message for everyone who strives to be more like Jesus Christ.  Being three-part beings (Spirit, Soul, and Body) people are capable of strong emotions, one being anger.  Although Believers possess the emotional capacity to be angry, we should do as Ephesians 4:26 says which is to be “Be angry, but sin not.”


Pastor Price Jr. draws a vivid example from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Jesus often rebuked the Pharisees and even His disciples.  The difference is He didn’t do it vindictively or with a motive to hurt.  He did it to correct; therefore, His heated admonishments were acts of love.  That’s the difference between righteous indignation and the sin of wrath.


People have the right to be angry.  That is a normal and healthy response to a violation, but we need to stop the destructive works of gossip and back-biting.  Pastor Price Jr. says we need “the God kind of anger.”  In the “God kind of anger” we resolve conflicts with out brothers according to Matthew 18:15 by going to them and addressing the issue.  By approaching out brothers respectfully, we empower change in the accused and bring about reconciliation in the Body of Christ.

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