Charitable DEEDS

Charitable DEEDS

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The Bible clearly defines the heart of giving in Matthew 6:1 which instructs people not to perform their charitable deeds before men to seek glory or else the Heavenly Father will not reward them. 

Contrarily Hip Hop is unabashedly excessive.  The more garish the artist, the more the world idolizes him.  However, Pastor Price Jr. Shares that their emphasis on bling is really a demonic stronghold of materialism to divert peoples’ hearts away from God.  The Hip Hop culture’s emphasis on grandiosity is really hiding people’s deep need for love and acceptance that can only be obtained in a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Charitable Deeds is an insightful look into our insatiable desire to have more.  It asks can we love God and yet put our trust, our identity and our security in our riches.  Pastor Price Jr. provides a powerful and arresting answer in Mark 10:17 – 22 when Jesus had a discussion with a rich young ruler.  When Jesus asked him to sell all he had and give it to the poor in order to have treasure in heaven, he couldn’t.  Could you? 

Charitable Deeds will teach you that the real measure of your wealth is not how much you’re worth, but how much you put your trust in Jesus.

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