Why You Should Be At Church? (2-CD Set)

Why You Should Be At Church? (2-CD Set)

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Why You Should Be At Church

What’s your excuse for not attending church on Sunday? Too tired? Or do you say, “God knows my heart,” or “the people are not very pleasant” or “The game is on.” Do any of these sound familiar? The Bible urges us in Hebrews 10: 25 not to forsake the assembling of ourselves. In other words, don’t abandon meeting for worship with members of like precious faith. We are the flock, if we do not attend church how are we expected to become equipped to spread the Gospel?

Whether you go to church or not you’re still a sheep and it is dangerous for sheep to be without a shepherd. They become weak, feeble, timid and scattered, which makes it easier for them to become prey for the adversary. Attending church is not just about getting feed; it’s also about unity, coming together as a corporate body to worship our Father. Attending church isn’t just about you, but it’s also about how you can be a blessing to others.

In this series, Pastor Frederick Price teaches on the importance of attending church, he also speaks on:

  • Three major reason why you should attend church
  • Top 8 excuses why Christian do not attend church regularly
  • The purpose of the shepherd and the sheep
  • The importance of unity among the sheep

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