3 Women Who Care

3 Women Who Care

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3 Women Who Care

As women, emotions can overwhelm our senses which can cause us to retain hurts, rejections and disappointments, but as Christians, we must know the reality of God’s Word and apply it to every circumstance that we face.

Philippians 3:13, says forget those things which are behind and reach forward for those things which are ahead. When you hold on to past hurts and rejections, God cannot intervene. It’s important to surrender your cares unto the Lord and allow Him to take control.

In this powerful series, three dynamic women of God analyze, in great detail, the importance of our spirits, souls, and bodies.

Dr. Betty Price expounds on the importance of strengthening our spirits with the Word of God, as well as walking in the Spirit.

Ms. Cheryl Price exposes the many hurts that women tend to hold on to that is retained in the soul and how to conquer them.

Mrs. Angela Evans motivates us to take back control of our bodies, from food cravings and illicit sex, because we can do whatever we “will” to do.

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