The Classics Vol. 1 (CD edition) - Audio Download

The Classics Vol. 1 (CD edition) - Audio Download

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Apostle Price is the Founder of Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) in Los Angele's, California. He began CCC in 1973 and, since then, the church has grown to become a world-renowned ministry which boasts the prodigious FaithDome. Being on of the largest sanctuaries in the country, the FaithDome is a refuge of hope and an oasis of beauty in South Los Angele's with a congregation of about 22,000.

Apostle Price is believed to be the first African American minister to broadcast on television with his powerful “Ever Increasing Faith” program. Today, “Ever Increasing Faith” reaches an estimated 15 million households each week, and airs in 15 of the 20 largest markets throughout the United States via “Ever Increasing Faith Television” (EIFTV). The ministry also hosts pod-casts and publishes a quarterly magazine.

The author of some 50 books on faith, healing, prosperity, and the Holy Spirit, Apostle Price has sold over 2.1 million books since 1976.

The Classic Teachings on these special MP3 download include:

  1. Are You In Faith?
  2. The Prayer Of Faith
  3. 7 Ways To Scriptural Healing
  4. Faith Is Acting On The Word
  5. Baptism With The Holy Spirit
  6. Prosperity On God's Terms

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