Success In Ministry

Success In Ministry

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A Warning to Ministers their Wives and Their Mistresses

More than four decades as a pastor’s wife and as a minister herself have convinced Dr. Betty that the time is now for the body of Christ to take a firm stand against immorality in the pulpit and in the pews. She has seen sexual sin destroy the lives of God’s chosen, and she is speaking out of love and from the Scriptures with important instructions about how to avoid and become free of the bondage of sin.

Practical Suggestions for Successful Ministry

Be all that God has called on you to be. Whether you are a minister or a layperson, the success you experience, or do not experience, in any area of your life is not up to God-it is up to you. God has given you all of the ingredients and the plan you need to succeed. Now it is your turn to make it work.

INTEGRITY - The Guarantee For Success

Acting with integrity is not always easy, but it does have a guarantee. In this thought provoking teaching on what it takes to be a person of integrity can work to your advantage both personally and professionally. Integrity proves itself every time-- a guarantee of success that is far more valuable than money.

Standing By God's Man

This book will help you strengthen your marriage. Betty R. Price admits that it takes a lot of God's grace to not only be a preacher’s wife, but to be a Christian wife. through one of the most challenging periods of her and Pastor Frederick K.C. Price's lives-including financial uncertainty, personal uncertainty and the death of a child-she discovered what standing by God's man truly meant…

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