The Holy Spirit Books

The Holy Spirit Books

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The Holy Spirit the Helper We All Need

People are literally afraid of the Holy Spirit, but He is the best friend we could possible have. God does nothing in this earth-realm without Him, so it is in our best interest to learn who He is and what He will do on our behalf. This book covers the full spectrum of the power, work and influence of the Holy Spirit, and how we can put Him to work helping us be victors and not victims. 

The Holy Spirit the Missing Ingredient

The Holy Spirit stands ever ready to comfort, help and teach us. God sent this mighty power from heaven to mediate between Him, Jesus and man. In his personal testimony Pastor Frederick K.C. Price reveals that the Holy Spirit is mild and gentle and will not force His help on us, but eagerly awaits our invitation for help. If you desire assistance in coming to the fullest sense of joy, victory and power in your personal life, this book points the way.

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