Faith Foolishness or Presumption?

Faith Foolishness or Presumption?

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Faith, Foolishness or Presumption (Classic)

Using Habakkuk 2:4 and Romans 1:17 as his foundational scriptures, Apostle Price teaches that faith is acting on the Word of God.  Your confession of faith must agree with the known will of God.  Your action must agree with your confession of faith. Because faith comes by hearing, if you confess with your mouth the direct opposite of God’s Word, that is what your faith will act upon.  Apostle Price gives the definitions of “foolishness” and “presumption.”

Using real-life examples, Apostle Price teaches on the results of unwise actions and believing beyond your level of faith concerning finances, healing or material things. Apostle Price continues his study on the difference between operating by faith and acting in foolishness due to a lack of wisdom and not applying the Word of God to your circumstances.

Apostle Price teaches that you must know your level of faith before you can properly apply it to your situation and avoid acting foolishly based on probabilities. Apostle Price continues to show examples of acting in foolishness or presumption and how they do not line up with the practical application of the Word of God.

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