The Resurrection - JESUS IS RISEN! (2CD/1DVD)

The Resurrection - JESUS IS RISEN! (2CD/1DVD)

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In part one, Apostle Price
will lead you to a deeper understanding about the days when Jesus died and arose from the dead. The scriptures fulfill the prophecy of this glorious event, but revelation unleashes the power that breaks down traditional misconceptions.

  •  Did Jesus die on a Friday?
  • What day did Jesus resurrect from the dead?
  • Can 3 days and 3 nights be achieved from Friday to Sunday?
  • Is the Jewish Sabbath always referring to a day of the week?

In the second message of this teaching, Pastor Fred Price peels away the issue of what the scriptures conclude to be “a day”. He delves into the root language of Hebrew and strips away the cloaks of punctuation and translation to reveal accurate information about what is written in English.

  • What is “a day” as spoken by Jesus?
  • If 12 hours exist in a day, how many hours exist in a night?
  • Do we have the same concept of what morning and evening are as declared in the scriptures?
  • Can the punctuation of Bible translators reshape meaning?

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