The Divine Partnership LOVE & FAITH (5-DVD)

The Divine Partnership LOVE & FAITH (5-DVD)

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In this teaching Pastor Fred Price defines the partnership of love and faith. He unleashes the richness of 1 Corinthians 13:13 (the “love” chapter), and why love is the supreme component. He explains Hebrews chapter 11 *the proponents of faith) and the enormity it harbors. A Believer’s life should be one of love the motivator working together with faith the activator in order to please God.

  • How does love and faith work together?
  • Has God given us an example of this divine partnership?

The Bible defines 4 levels of love translated from the Greek:

  • Agape (unconditional)
  • Phileo (brotherly/mankind)
  • Eros (desire)
  • Storge (family)

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