Lifestyles of the Rich & Faithful

Lifestyles of the Rich & Faithful

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Lifestyles of the Rich & Faithful - A Handbook for Successful Christian Living

Living by faith is the lifestyle of the believer. It is faith that pleases God. Faith in God’s Word, therefore, is the currency of the Kingdom.

Since faith is the lifestyle of the believer, there should be more Christians prospering than there are. The major problem is that many Christians have deceived themselves into believing they can replace godly concepts of righteousness and holiness with behaviors He cannot accept or bless.

In this book, Dr. Betty R. Price candidly explores the challenges faced by many Christians today in handling perplexing problems that are hindering them from receiving the promised blessings of God.

“The bottom line is that if we are going to receive God’s best, then we are going to have to start acting like children of God by living a lifestyle that is pleasing to Him. As He is holy, so must we live holy lives by separating ourselves from all sin and immorality. And just as our heavenly Father is a God of faith, we also must be people of faith by living according to His Word and not by how we feel, or what we think.”

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