Race, Religion and Racism - Religion Pt. 3A

Race, Religion and Racism - Religion Pt. 3A

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Disc 1: Dr. Price discusses the Nation of Islam as revealed in the book, “Message to the Black Man in America” (1965) by Elijah Muhammad.

Disc 2: Are Allah and Jehovah the same God? Are they saying the same thing? How can you really know? Dr. Price compares the two.

Disc 3: Dr. Price uses Elijah Muhammad’s own work to reveal inconsistencies in his theology, and challenges Blacks to carefully examine these writings before committing to Islam.

Disc 4: “Why do so many black men leave Christianity and migrate to Islam? Is Islam the black man’s religion? Dr. Price asks.

Disc 5: Dr. Price points out prophetic contradictions between “Message to the Black Man in America” in the 1965 original and the 1997 reprint.

Disc 6: “If Allah and Jehovah are the same God, shouldn’t the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran say the same thing? Whose report will you believe?” asks Dr. Price.

Disc 7: Dr. Price disputes Elijah Muhammad’s statement that the resurrection of the dead is mental, not physical.

Disc 8: Dr. Price declares the authenticity of Christianity, based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, saying no other religion offers such authentication of a risen savior.

Disc 9: Dr. Price examines such quotes as, “It is far more important to teach separation of the Blacks and Whites in America than to teach prayer.”

Disc 10: Dr. Price cites Luke 16:19-31 to disprove such statements as, “I have no alternative than to tell you that there is not any life beyond the grave.”

Disc 11: Dr. Price details the three-part dimensions of man and cites Scripture as Biblical proof that there is life after the grave.

Disc 12: Dr. Price introduces facts about Islam that are virtually unknown to most Americas. He points out that the Koran and Hadith are described as the basis of all Islamic law.

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