Honoring Mothers God's Way (DVD)

Honoring Mothers God's Way (DVD)

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Honoring Mothers God’s Way

By Dr. Betty Price

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a mother is someone who has given birth to a child. But she may also be a stepmother, an adoptive mother, a mother-in-law, a woman who has the responsibility or authority of a mother or, for example, an elderly woman who is called mother as a title of respect.

Children are to obey and honor their mothers because it is pleasing to the Lord (Eph. 6:1-3 and Col. 3:20.)  Husbands have the responsibility to love their wives with the agape love.  Loving her God’s way creates a healthy and beneficial atmosphere for the children.  Husbands are also to love their wives as God loves the church, and they need to be mindful of the way they display their love in front of the children.

Single mothers are responsible for raising their children without downing themselves for being in that situation.

  • The word honor means to esteem and value as precious; to show respect, reverence, kindness and obedience to, regardless of the age of the person.
  • Agape love is selfless, unselfish, giving and sacrificial; a love of will and commitment.  It is a love that works for the highest good of the person.  It is not based on feelings.

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