Blameless in Ministry

Blameless in Ministry

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All too often we hear news about a church falling apart because the pastor was having an affair. While the world is experiencing an infidelity epidemic, ministers are “called” to be leaders of moral integrity as described in l Timothy 3:1-5. 

 Dr. Betty’s “Blameless in Ministry” is a cautionary message to discourage pastoral sexual infidelity. But the warning also applies to the entire church to live Godly lives since God is not mocked.  We will reap what we sow. 

Dr. Betty’s powerful message highlights some personal trials with seductresses who have tried to tempt her high-profile charismatic husband and how he persevered to be blameless in ministry.  

Her personal accounts of counseling broken-hearted mistresses and ministers’ wives over the years will impart valuable lessons on how to have a successful marriage. “Blameless in Ministry” was so compelling; Dr. Betty was led to share more in her provocative book, “Warning To Ministers, Their Wives And Mistresses.” (CD/DVD Set)

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