Fulfilling Our Purpose As Christian Women 2-CD Set

Fulfilling Our Purpose As Christian Women 2-CD Set

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One of the most important things that Christians must know is who they are in Christ Jesus. They must take steps to remove themselves from situations of bondage in order to fulfill their God-given purpose. Christians are called to liberty in God so they can reap His very best. Dr. Betty R. Price exhorts Believers to excel in godly conduct and spiritual development.

In this compilation of spiritual development teachings by Dr. Betty you will receive the following messages:

  • Fulfilling Our Purpose as Christian Women: Christians have been called to show forth the praises of God, which should be reflected in their lifestyles.
  • Christian Excellence: Christians must pray and spend time in the Word for strength to withstand temptations, trials, and tests.
  • Things That Keep Us from Receiving from God: Dr. Betty addresses questions from people who have not yet received the results of prayer.
  • Having God’s Best: Dr. Betty discusses hindrances to receiving God’s best and how to turn negatives into positives.
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